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Test Development Socket


Before its commercialization, an electronic component undergoes various tests:

  • tests of validation which allow checking if the performances are consistent with the simulations carried out at the time of the design;
  • tests of characterization which allow verifying the behavior of the components in their normal perimeters/ contexts of use and also the behaviors of the components outside the specifications;
  • tests with electric “over-stresses” which allow checking the behavior of the components during exposure to the electrostatic discharges and to over-tension.

For the implementation of these tests, the engineers must carry out measurements on a representative sample of components which are welded on several tens of boards.

The main objective being that of limiting the manufacturing costs while respecting the quality and deadlines (QCD), it is thus necessary to find solutions for testing the largest number of components on the same board.

socket implanted on a board


Taking into account the diversity of the business lines (BES mechanics, electronics, prototyping, manufacturing test, etc…) SOMINEX is able to rapidly set up a « tailor made » matrix organization involving the support services (quality/environment, R & D, commercial), in order to apprehend the whole of the project.

electrical circuits studied and produced by SOMINEX


At the time of the phase of study of a board, SOMINEX proposes a socket and an interposer which allow interchanging the components on the same board, thus guaranteeing the electrical contacts without welding.

This unit, validated through the realization of a test card, shows that the effectiveness of the interposer/socket system is applicable on several types of component cases.

3D sight of the system


Within the framework of this project SOMINEX makes the design of the evaluation board, of the flexible circuit which serves as interposer, of the socket, the whole being adapted to the dimensions and the numbers of contacts of the customer’s component.

In the production stage, SOMINEX manufactures and assembles the associated boards and sockets.

view from below with printed circuit


Due to this procedure, the final customer who carries out his own qualification tests, systematically confirms us the fact of having the entirety of the electric signals, as well as the expected performances.

example of assembly


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