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Plasma Sterilization
The PLAS’STER Project


he sterilization and the maintenance of the sterile state of the medical devices are a technical challenge which has regained prominence as a consequence of the new environmental standards, as well as of the new technologies related to plasma.

SOMINEX has joined a consortium comprising :
– the Charleville Mézières CRITT (center of technology transfer),
– EA Bios Laboratory of the University of Rheims Champagne Ardennes, specialized in Biology,
– the GREMI laboratory, CNRS specialized in the ion-filled environments,
– AXON CABLE and R BLONDEL, industrialists which use technologies of sterilization.

This consortium has developed an innovating plasma sterilization technology through low pressure for medical devices : the PLAS’STER project.

This treatment takes place directly in the packaging and does not require any re-packaging, equally diminishing the risk of losing the sterile state.

This project is supported by a National Research Agency (ANR) grant, which allows the consortium to study and to validate this technology within 4 years.

one of the PLAS’STER prototypes


SOMINEX brings a global solution to the consortium for the realization of the prototypes which are necessary for this study.

We command the entire production chain of the sterilization prototypes, from the study to the implementation, passing through the phases of mechanical and electro-technical manufacturing.

SOMINEX also brings in this project its expertise in vacuum systems, plasma generators, as well as in magnetism.

This relation as partners within a consortium between SME and research laboratories is a factor of success for this type of very innovative project.

The laboratories are thus dispensed from the machine part, both technically and financially, and can be completely devoted to their research.

SOMINEX has provided 3 prototypes and constantly listens to the scientific team in order make this technique evolve.

“in situ” plasma generating


The PLAS’ STER Project implements techniques related to ultra-high vacuum, magnetism, radio frequencies.

SOMINEX has expertise in these various fields and brings its industrial know-how both on the level of the mechanical design and on that of the commanding part.

Piloting is thus carried out through a SIEMENS industrial controller, on which we can intervene remotely and in remote maintenance.

This allows very responsive software evolutions.

The studies of the prototypes take into account in a very early phase the industrialization aspect for the future series production.

supervision of the sterilization


The manufacturing of the PLAS’ STER prototypes requires our particular procedures of welding, machining and cleaning for the UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) parts.

The control panel is wired and tested in-house.

UHV enclosure in phase of 3D control


Once assembled, the prototypes are tested in the normal and the degraded running modes.

They are then made available to the consortium for the plasma analysis and control stages and for the bacteriology and virology tests.

view of the plasma reactor


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