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Manufacturing of a GPS at 4000m Underground for Oil Prospecting.


The methods used by the large world actors in the field of oil prospecting are in constant evolution. These innovating techniques, for example the MWD (Measurement While Drilling), impose the solution providers such as SOMINEX to develop new expertise and capacity in terms of machining or assembling.

MWD allows, among other things, the monitoring and the positioning of the drill string during drilling. The constraints in the boreholes are numerous: pressure, temperature, abrasion or corrosion.
For this particular technique, SOMINEX is a solutions provider for machining, assembly and rack supplier of acquisition and on-board electronics.

part used for the MWD being assembled


Some assemblies, in particular those of the insulating elements for drillings require particular collages.

SOMINEX has developed the means and machines necessary for these assemblies.
Among other things, our blending machine is a unique machine which allows an injection of adhesive which is controlled in terms of temperature, pressure and volume.

machine of adhesive injection


The special means of production are defined and studied in-house by our engineering and design department.

These means are, in certain cases, connected to the company’s corporate network for a better control or archiving of the data.

If necessary, intellectual protection is managed by our R & D service R&D.

specific tool of production


The internal means are managed just like the productions intended for our customers.

They benefit from the same production monitoring entirely integrated in our ERP.

In the case of the MWD, the acquisition electronics and the on-board electronics must respond to constraints of robustness in the first case and to constraints of extreme temperatures and pressure in the second.

SOMINEX has the know-how in terms of high temperature wiring and welding for the electronic components associated with a harsh environment.

precision machining


All our products are tested and controlled according to the established procedures. We ensure the traceability of the materials used.

We submit the reports which are delivered with the supplier record.

The electronic products created are tested in actual operation.

These products are exported into 48 countries throughout the world and meet the requirements of reliability.

dimensional control room


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