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ECR Source Stand


PANTECHNIK (subsidiary of SOMINEX) is a world leader in the supplying of ECR source of ions as well as complete source stands for the sectors of research, of the medical field or of the industry.

The challenges of this particular technology are numerous: radio frequency, magnetism, vacuum, calculations, design, high precision parts, commissioning, and installations in the whole world.

In order to face all these challenges, PANTECHNIK relies on the competences of SOMINEX for the design and the production. This bond is reinforced by the proximity of the two companies joined together within a single site.

ECR source stand for Hadron therapy


SOMINEX brings to its subsidiary company PANTECHNIK a global solution including the services of study, technical documentation, manufacturing, wiring and assistance for the assembly and the on-site installation, at the final customer.

OMINEX also makes assemblies surfaces available for certain special projects.

assembly of a platform in the buildings of SOMINEX


Starting from a brief preliminary draft, we accomplish the definition and mechanical manufacture dossier. These dossiers are carried out on SOLDIDWORKS.

For the control modules, we prepare the electro-technical diagrams, the nomenclatures and notebooks of cables.

study of a beam extractor


The manufacture of the PANTECHNIK source stands requires a special expertise in machining, in welding and in cleaning materials such as copper, stainless steel, ceramics and others.

We acquired together a unique know-how in the assembly of magnetic elements.

assembly of a SUPERNANOGAN source on the bench


SOMINEX tests all the functionalities of the benches and the cabinets.

They are afterwards installed in concrete pillboxes for the tests under beam carried out by the PANTECHNIK teams.

complete bench in provisional assembly for test


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